This is a journal of my potentially impossible challenge of running every single one of Glasgow’s 6,110 streets. This project started in the first lockdown of COVID-19 as a way of utilising my daily permitted exercise for something interesting. More than that it’s a chance to get to know my adopted city of Glasgow much better. Its nooks and crannies, lanes and hidden little parks, canals and tunnels and dead ends and everything in between. It’s potentially also a sign of lockdown madness, but I’ll leave others to judge that.

The inspiration came from Rickey Gates who completed every street in San Francisco (only 2,237 streets mind you!) – his video of the challenge is excellent.

Along the way I’m recording the history and the stories behind the streets I’m running, and the streets that went before. This – along with some interviews with people who have lived and worked on these streets – will (eventually!) end up in a book I’m writing about the lived history of Glasgow’s streets. In the meantime this site has some photos of the challenge.

If you have any stories to share about any of the streets I’ve been on, or if you’d like to say hello if I haven’t run your street yet please get in touch – I’d love to speak to as many people as possible on my runs or hear stories about the streets I’ve been on.

How about exploring your own community?

One of the most fun things recently has been people getting in touch to tell me about their own adventures in their local community, so I put together a wee blog outlining some of the things I learned about my Every Single Street experience. Have a read here!

Finished! – January 2022 100% of Glasgow complete.

Thanks to the BBC for this great wee film of my adventures: