Glasgow Running Themes 2023

Here are some 2023 running goals for me! I’ll check back in December and see how many I ticked off…

  • Get back to 100% on #everysinglestreet Glasgow – finish off new housing in Darnley, Sighthill and Baillieston and odds and ends around the city that have been added to the map since January 2022
  • Complete the West Highland Way run – I started to run from Glasgow to Fort William in 2022 but didn’t complete it due to injury. Try and do the whole thing again.
  • Run in at least 3 different countries
  • Run on at least 3 different Scottish islands
  • Get to 2.5% of the whole of Scotland complete (using Wandrer to track – currently at 1.9% which is 2552.3 unique Scotland kilometres (out of 132352.8 total kilometres) – so I need to run at least 756 unique km in 2023 to reach 2.5%)
  • Get the book done!!!

A while back I asked for some running ideas on Twitter and this is where this list came from!

  • The Subway route (all stations)
  • Glasgow’s football stadiums
  • The Glasgow Firefighters Heritage Trail
  • TARDISes
  • Glasgow’s Four Cathedrals
  • All current Glasgow hospitals
  • Glasgow Libraries
  • West End Bowling Greens
  • Schools
  • Places where women are memorialised in the city
  • Glasgow’s medieval buildings
  • Glasgow’s Five Winter Gardens
  • The Glasgow Mural Trail
  • Glasgow Four Necropoli in one go